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What is FSC?

Foundation SC was formed by three ex-professional players in 1997 with just a handful of boys on two indoor teams. We develop and support premier teams at all age levels, provide training to individuals and teams, and facilitate the growth of soccer in this country. There are currently 10 FSC boys and girls teams competing at the premier and premier developmental level. Our head coaches are all former players at either the professional or college level, and our assistant coaches are current college players who developed their skills in the FSC program.

For over twenty years, FSC has provided premier-level training and competition for talented athletes in greater New Britain, greater Middletown, central Connecticut, and beyond. We have always preferred to include young players with the potential for growth, rather than exclude kids who want to play, as many clubs do for the sole objective of “winning now”.  Our coaches create a fun and positive learning environment for young players, focusing on composure, confidence, and creativity. As our teams advance, we provide them with greater competitive challenges, and eventually with as much or more exposure to college coaches than most teams in Connecticut. Regardless of each individual’s ambitions as a player, we foster a love for soccer that lasts far beyond his or her time with us – our players stay in the game! FSC alumni are coaching at Connecticut high schools and colleges, and some have even gone on to play in MLS or other pro leagues.
Despite the alarming trend toward overtly physical play in Connecticut youth and high school soccer, FSC continues its mission to teach skill and constructive play. We are willing to sacrifice victories at young age groups in exchange for the advancement of that agenda, and every player and parent who comes through our program learns to appreciate it. Young players subjected to aggressive play and constant pressure to win by their parents and coaches are unlikely to stick with soccer, let alone succeed in the long run. We strike a balance between a nurturing environment for our players’ technical and personal growth, and the competitive atmosphere required to push them to the limits of their potential.
Above all else, our style of play is suited to the intelligent, creative player. Our coaching staff is largely from South America, home of the most beautiful soccer in the world, and that is our primary philosophical influence. We would rather encourage players to experiment with the ball, connect short passes to escape pressure, and create meaningful offense, instead of kicking long balls and hoping for the best. It takes patience, but over the course of time, our method produces more sophisticated players, more attractive soccer, and ultimately, victory!

What is Eastern Development Program (EDP)?

The EDP is an elite league that spans much of the northeastern United States, with philosophical goals that largely mirror those of Foundation Soccer Club.  We'll be merging some of our squads and bringing in new players to form teams capable of competing at the EDP level, so that our strongest players continue to be challenged.  This will require some additional travel (Massachusetts, eastern New York, northern New Jersey, northeastern Pennsylvania), but we will work to ensure that it doesn't take up every minute of every weekend!